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Prevention of intimate partner violence
– a public health approach

The project "Prevention of intimate partner violence
– a public health approach"
is part of the Daphne II programme. The goal is "to prevent and combat violence against children, young people and women. And to protect victims and gropus at risk"


1.6 million lives lost each year cause of violence

VIOLENCE. "Each year more than 1.6 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence. For everyone who dies as a result of violence, many more are injured and suffer from a range of physical, sexual,
reproductive and mental health problems. Violence is among the leading causes of death for people aged 15-44 years worldwide, accounting for about 14% of deaths among males and 7% of deaths among females in that age group. Because it is so pervasive,
violence is often seen as an inevitable part of the human condition." (Source: WHO, Global Campaign for Violence Prevention).



"I ran into the door":  Poster used in the WHO awareness-raising Global Campaign for Violence Prevention.

Poster text reads: "Available data suggest that in some countries nearly 1 in 4 women report sexual violence by an intimate partner, and up to one-third of girls report forced sexual initiation. Data also suggest that hundreds of thousands of women and girls throughout the world are bought and sold into prostitution each year, or subjected to sexual violence in schools, workplaces and health care institutions."


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